Canadian products and services have an excellent reputation worldwide for their high quality and competitive rates. If you are looking for the most high-quality products or different inputs or raw material for your business, Canada is the right place for you. The good news is that the Canadian government will not be charging and tax or duty on imports from Canada. We at Transmanna can help you in importing from Canada. Thus we can relieve you from Canadian import-related work so that you could focus on your core business and leave tedious work of importing from Canada to our experts. We understand that like most of the manufacturers you are also preoccupied with your manufacturing work and you do not have time and resources to establish a dedicated import department for developing and expanding your imports from Canada and other countries. You just need to provide us with the detail of product or service that you would like to import from Canada including units or volume and any technical details or any other specific information relevant to your import from Canada. As your trusted partner, we will manage the daily complexities of your imports from Canada and help concentrate on your main business.

What We Will Do for You?

  1. Determine the 10-digit tariff classification number for the goods to be imported from Canada.
  2. Verify whether the goods are controlled, regulated or prohibited by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or any other Canadian government department or agency.
  3. Determine the value for duty of the goods that will be imported
  4. Determine whether the goods are subject to any other duties or taxes including the goods and services tax (GST).
  5. Preparation of all the documents for importing your product from Canada.
  6. Select the method of shipping, incoterms, freight, insurance and communicating with the carrier and transportation company on cross-border requirements.
  7. Dealing with customs authorities for the clearance of your imports from Canadian ports
  8. Keeping all records pertaining to the import for six years as per CBSA requirement.
  9. Getting ready for any CBSA audits if they decide to verify and adjust the import orders.

Why You Should Use Transmanna?

We are proud to offer an extensive range of services to meet all your needs. We can provide you and your business with the tools that you need to penetrate the international marketplace. You should use the Import Management services of Transmanna because:

  1. Transmanna has its own staff, business links and network of service providers to take care of all the import processes and thus will spare your own human, financial and physical resources.
  2. Transmanna will use its own knowledge and expertise of the Canadian market to secure the best import deals for you.
  3. Transmanna can help you import better quality inputs in different varieties for producing high-quality products with relatively low cost.
  4. Better quality products will increase your competitiveness in the local market and will ultimately help in increasing your local market share.
  5. All the arrangements for the shipment and transportation will be the responsibility of Transmanna.
  6. By counting on Transmanna for your import business, you are saving your precious time and resources for competing in the local market and hence increasing your chances of increasing your local market share.
  7. Transmanna services will minimize any risk of penalties, fines or loss of your importing privileges due to non-compliance issues discovered by the Canadian customs authorities.
  8. Transmanna is one of the best export practitioners in the Canadian market for small and medium-sized companies. If you want your own import department eventually, then prepare yourself by seeing how Transmanna operates.



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