You qualify as an NRI if your company is based outside of Canada, if it does not have a permanent presence in Canada, and if it would like to import goods into Canada under its own name. Transmanna Intl. can help you to take advantage of Canadian Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program to simplify your task of accessing and effectively competing in the Canadian marketplace. The Canadian Non-Resident Importers (NRI) are responsible for paying the GST/HST (Taxes) on imported goods. Failing to collect and remit Canada’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) to the Canadian government can lead to penalties. Transmanna Intl. can help establish an efficient GST/HST process that meets legal obligations. If you are registered for the GST/HST and you are the importer (the person who caused the goods to be imported into Canada), we can assist you claim an input tax credit (ITC) for the tax you paid on the imported goods, as long as you meet the requirement for claiming ITSs and registering with Canada Revenue Agency.

Transmanna can help your company establish an efficient and correct GST/HST process that meets legal obligations. We can :

  • Develop an efficient and correct GST/HST process.
  • Review your existing GST/HST process to ensure compliance with the legal requirements of GST/HST tax law.
  • Assistance in recovery of GST/HST overpayments through our Tax Recovery service.
  • Keeping record of GST/HST payments.
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