Transmanna can work as your export department. Thus we can relieve you from export related work so that you could focus on your core business and leave tedious work of export business to our experts. We understand that most of the manufacturers are preoccupied with their manufacturing work and they do not have time and resources to establish a dedicated export department for developing and expanding their export business. You just need to let us know about your target market and if you already have established any connection with a client in that market, we will work with him on your behalf. You just need to provide us with the detail of product or service that you would like to export including actual target location, units or volume, price, insurance requirements, any technical details and any other specific information relevant to your export business. As your trusted partner, we will manage the daily complexities of your export business and help concentrate on your main business.

Why you should use Globestar ?  

We are proud to offer an extensive range of services to meet all your needs. We can provide you and your business with the tools that you need to penetrate the international marketplace. You should use the services of Transmanna because:



    1. Transmanna will engage its own staff and resources for exporting your product to the target market.
    2. Transmanna has a network of foreign agents, therefore, engaging Transmanna will spare your own human, financial and physical resources.
    3. Stop worrying about furious local competition and decreasing market shares, increase your export sales by engaging Transmanna.
    4. Transmanna will be selling your products in foreign markets charging a commission of 10% to 15% of the revenue for you. Therefore you will have relatively few out-of-pocket costs.
    5. Your business commitments and priorities may not allow you to devote your time and resources for an export business of your own, however, using Transmanna as export sales agent requires limited use of a firm’s time and resources in building an export business.
    6. By counting on Transmanna for your export business, you are saving your precious time and resources for competing in the local market and hence increasing your chances of increasing your local market share.
    7. Transmanna is one of the best export practitioner in Canadian market for small and medium size companies. If you want your own export department eventually, then prepare yourself by seeing how Transmanna
    8. All manufacturers without export experience should consider our company Transmanna. Even sophisticated exporters may want to consider using Transmanna for selected products for certain foreign markets. Transmanna will be performing following services for you:
  • Identification of new markets
  • Market research
  • Negotiation
  • Documentation
  • Shipping
  • Customs
  • Invoicing
  • Payment


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