In today’s business world, the reality is that many manufacturing companies are focussed on their core business and they do not have enough time to explore international markets to export their products or import cheap supplies for reducing their production cost. It is here they need the help of international trade brokers, consultants and agents like Trasnmanna International. Trasnmanna International works very hard both to explore international markets for exporting their clients’ products and for sourcing cheap supplies for them. Trasnamnna International works diligently to bring the parties from all over the world together to create business deals. Transmanna carries out market research to understand the demographics, socio-political and legal environment, latest consumer trends,  marketing challenges, nature of the competition, infrastructure, production capacity, quality and productivity, and technological base etc. Transmanna helps companies negotiate and sign trade agreements for importing and exporting of products.  Transmanna also assists manufacturers on their demand in classification, valuation, preparation of trade document, estimation of taxes and duties, collection of payments, the shipping and insurance arrangements etc.




  • Promoting the company’s products and services globally.
  • Finding potential customers for the Company’s products and services.
  • Investigating the client(s) 
  • Arranging samples of the products and supplying them to the clients.
  • Negotiating with the clients to solicit orders.
  • Arranging freight forwarding, packaging and labelling, customs clearance, warehousing and transportation services (on demand)
  • Providing classification, valuation, preparation of trade document, trade compliance, customs, freight, insurance, duty drawback, GST recovery and other Misc. services ( on demand).
  • Ensuring that the manufacturer sends supplies according to the agreed specifications, grade and quality.
  • Ensuring that supplies are shipped in time according to the agreed terms and conditions.
  • Assisting the Company to collect payments from the clients, provided, however, that all payments shall be made to the Company directly.
  • Assisting in adjusting any complaints or disputes that may arise in connection with the sales of products to Client(s).


Sales and Marketing Materials. The Company shall provide the “Consultant/Broker”, at no cost, with sales and marketing materials, operating and maintenance manuals relating to the company products and related service.

Sample Products. The Company shall prepare samples for potential customers, as reasonably requested by the “Consultant/Broker”. The company shall bear the cost of shipping of samples to the clients

Product Information. The Company shall provide the “Consultant/Broker” with the latest information regarding company product and their features; product specifications, processes, technical descriptions, product quality and standards; product defects and drawbacks if any; production capacity and inventory etc.

Changes Information: The Company shall immediately inform the “Consultant/Broker” of any change in its range of products and related services, its prices, conditions of sale or terms of payment as well as of any change of the technical specifications, quality or capacity of supply of the products. Should “the Company” expect that its capacity of supply will be significantly lower than the “Consultant/Broker” normal expectancy, it shall inform the Agent without delay.


Payments from the client will be made directly to the Company, and any payments received by the Broker on behalf of the company will be promptly remitted to the Company.


Decision Making. All the major decision in the sales agreement like: selection of the clients, decision to sign sales agreement with them, negotiating terms and conditions, selection of incoterms, extending product warranties, packaging and labelling, insurance, customs clearance, freight, transportation, shipment, delivery, tax, payment terms etc. shall be made by “the Company”, at its sole discretion, unless otherwise separately agreed in writing by “the Company”.

Non-exclusive Agreement The parties will sign a non-exclusive agreement among themselves. The Agreement will not bar/stop “the Company” to enter into sales agreements with other clients in the same region/country for the same products and services. Similarly, the Agreement will not bar/stop the “Consultant/Broker”  to handle other similar or different product lines with the same or other Client(s) in the same or different regions or countries.


Bearing Expenses. The “Consultant/Broker” is responsible for all expenses incurred in the performance of his duties and obligations under this Agreement. However, the Company will be responsible for all the expenses incurred on activities specifically requested by the Company (on demand) and agreed to by the “Consultant/Broker”. 



Trademarks and property rights

The Company will grant the Broker the right to use the trademarks, trade names or intellectual property in relation to the products for the purpose of exercising its rights and performing its obligations under this agreement.



Pricing. The manufacturer has the sole right to establish and control over all prices, discounts, an extension of credit, allowances, refunds, specifications, delivery and other terms governing the sale of Products.  

Acceptance and Cancellation of Orders.  No order is binding on “the Company” until accepted in writing by“the Company”. “The Company” reserves the right to accept, reject, modify or cancel, in whole or in part, any or all orders received or accepted at any time for any reason.  “The Company” is not liable to “Consultant/Broker” for cancellation or modification or the Company’s failure to deliver any product.


Commissions. The Company shall pay the “Consultant/Broker” a commission on sales of the Products. The percentage of commission will be decided by the parties before signing the agreement.


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