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World markets are opening up, barriers are tumbling down, and free flow of goods, services, investment and ideas has integrated world economies as never before. Better, faster, more sophisticated travel and communications have reduced the impact of time and distance on international trade. All of these factors are making exporting in the new millennium more viable than ever before, for businesses of all sizes. Although exporting can bring significant benefits, it can also place demands on companies, especially smaller ones, that they may or may not be prepared to meet the challenges of exporting to foreign markets. Transmanna is offering you four different types of import and export-related services. You need not worry about the competition in your local market. Transmanna can not only assist you in importing low-cost supplies for making you more cost-effective in the local market but also help expand your market by exporting your product to foreign markets. If you like Transmanna can also work as your company’s “Export Sales Agent and Distributor” so that you could be able to penetrate in foreign markets and enjoy a global customer base.   


Import Management Services

If you are a Canadian manufacturer and you are finding it difficult to compete in the local market on the basis of cost and quality, Transmanna is here to help you in arranging low-cost supplies in different varieties for producing high-quality products from all over the world for your business so that you could stay competitive. Transmanna can also provide customized import solutions to fulfil for your specific needs.



Export Management Services

If you find exporting more challenging for you then Transmanna can work as your “Export Department” in your chosen market. Extend your market for exporting and save your precious time for your core business activities and let Transmanna take care of your export business by using its own staff. Transmanna will be selling you on a nominal commission so that you could have relatively few out-of-pocket costs.

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Transmanna can operate as an export-import broker. In this role, Trasnamnna works independently to bring the two parties to a business deal together. As a broker, Transmanna will often carry out the negotiation, help the manufacturer arrange for shipping, insurance and other requirements and often continue to be in the loop of communications between the buyer and the manufacturer that is supplying the goods they are brokering.


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Export Sales Agent Services

Transmanna can work as your “Export Sales Agent”. Transmanna can identify export markets for your products and remove your dependence on local markets. Transmanna will be soliciting orders from foreign customers in the name of your company, invoicing them in the name of your company and helping your company with all the details of the export transactions including negotiation, documentation, insurance, shipment, customs, clearance, transportation and payment.

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