Adjusting errors in your Import Declaration

You can use the services of Globestar to minimize any risk of penalties, fines or loss of your importing privileges by asking us to review and address any non-compliance issue before they are discovered by customs authorities. Based upon our findings. Globestar can make self-adjusting entries-voluntary disclosure on your behalf in your import declaration to save you from financial or non-financial troubles.

What Transmanna can do for you?

  • Determine your eligibility for filing a voluntary disclosure and then process
  • Prepare a detailed report of all error(s) and omission(s) in you import disclosure.
  • Ensure that all required documents and any due payments accompany the application.
  • Request adjustments to your accounting documents by completing necessary forms and submitting it to the CBSA
  • Discuss and negotiate with customs authorities to reduce or waive off any penalties.

What are Voluntary Disclosures ?

Sometimes you as an importer or exporter make some errors in your import documents submitted to CBSA. CBSA allows you to voluntarily disclose this errors or non-compliance. If you make an error in the accounting information, and the CBSA has not already noticed that, you are required to correct the information within 90 days after you discover the error where the change is revenue neutral or you owe money. If a change in the accounting information results in a refund of duties or taxes paid to CBSA, an application for a refund can be filed in most cases up to four years from the date the goods were accounted for. To make a valid voluntary disclosure, you would pay only the taxes you owe plus interest, and you may avoid penalties and potential prosecution on the information accepted under the program. However, once CBSA discovers the error or initiates an audit with you, voluntary disclosure is no longer an option.

The required supporting documentation will vary depending on the issue(s) being addressed. All we need is a letter from you addressed to CBSA authorizing us to deal with CBSA on your behalf as your agent so that we could help you eliminate the risk of penalties due to error(s) and omission(s) in your import declaration.

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