With multi million-dollar penalties being issued to importers and exporters, a well-designed compliance program is essential. Reduce risk, enhance your reputation with customs authorities, and improve your supply chain efficiency. Plan to succeed will help you tackle complex trade issues and mitigate risk and liability. Transmanna Intl. consultants provide assistance in managing trade activities globally. Transmanna Intl. advises its clients on the most current compliance initiatives developed by Canadian Customs and assists them in proactively meeting all types of trade laws and regulations. Most countries work under a complex mix of approvals, permits, and restrictions surrounding import and export processes. We work closely with many government agencies internationally to understand these processes and advise clients how to move goods as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Classification Of Goods Services

The correct classification of internationally traded goods using HS codes requires lot of experience and insight. A small mistake in correct classification of traded goods can lead to over payment or under payment of customs duties and hence trigger audits and penalties by customs authorities. Our experts can assist you in correct classification of your goods into right category for valuation and determination of customs duty.
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Valuation Determination Service

Value for duty” must be declared for all goods imported to Canada in accordance with the valuation provisions of the Customs , regardless of the circumstances of their importation.  Since the value of imported goods determine the amount of customs duty, Canadian Customs authorities are getting more strict about the enforcement of rules for the correct valuation of imported goods.
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Voluntary Disclosures

You can use our services to minimize any risk of penalties, fines or loss of your importing privileges by asking us to review and address any non-compliance issue before they are discovered by customs authorities. Based upon our findings.We can make self-adjusting entries-voluntary disclosure on your behalf in your import declaration to save you from financial or non-financial troubles.
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CBSA Audit Assistance

A variety of penalties can be applied for infractions incurred by importers.  Each recurrent penalty increases the monetary amount of the next infraction. It is crucial that all penalties regardless of size or level be appealed to insure future compliance costs are kept to a minimum. Your import profile reflects the amount of customs enforcement you will receive and determines the frequency of customs audits.
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