Transmanna International is a full-service freight forwarder with superior data management, software and reporting capabilities with the goal of saving you time and money on your total freight operations. The value of hiring an outsourced freight management services provider like Transmanna enable you as a company to focus on your core business and let the provider take the burden of freight management off your plate. Transmanna has the technology that matches you to the right carriers and integrated freight management services to handle everything else around your freight needs. Transmanna has the ability to pick carriers who meet your cost, insurance, and delivery time needs and ensures that your custom rates are built-in and maintained over time through the logistics company’s carrier relationship management program. Transmanna International provides supply chain solutions with personalized customer service. As a freight forwarder, Transmanna’s services may include, but not limited to

  • Organizing movement of cargo from one location to other location within or outside of the country using multiple modes of transport – sea/rail/road.
  • Negotiating the contract rates with carriers on behalf of you as our respected client.
  • Booking cargo with the carriers under Transmanna’s own freight/service contract or using your  freight/service contract
  • Processing all relevant shipping documents such as customs and port documentation, bills of lading and associated shipping/negotiating documentation.
  • Issuing Transmanna’s own approved house bill of lading.
  • Providing expert advice and consultancy services to your company relating to the usage of the correct Incoterms, letter of credit, licenses, permits and general information relevant to the safe movement of the cargo.
  • Accept and arrange storage of the cargo whether it is before shipment from the port of loading or after receipt of cargo at the port of discharge before distribution to other areas as per client requirement.
  • Using these warehouses, the Transmanna as a forwarder arranges the distribution or “forwarding” of the cargo as per your instructions.
  • Arrange inland haulage of the cargo from/to your company’s premises and port as required
  • Arranging customs clearance
  • Storing your records and documents for a period of 5 years, as required by CBSA.



With the rapid growth of international trade, the ability to move cargo between countries has become very important. Transmanna offers a full-load ground freight forwarding services at both the national and cross-border levels. Our logistics professionals will arrange pickup of your shipment, prepare all necessary documentation, track your cargo to its destination, arrange cargo insurance, and most importantly, treat your freight as if it was our own.


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AIR Freight Forwarding


When you need the fastest mode of transportation, you can count on Transmanna’s air freight forwarding service to get your cargo delivered worldwide. Our experienced team works closely with you and airlines companies to find the most appropriate and economical airfreight craft service for your freight. Whether you need to send a small package or ship heavy, oversized cargo, we evaluate the size of the cargo, your budget, and delivery time-frame and provide you with the best air freight solution.

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Sea freight is the most economical way of sending large volumes of goods internationally. With a dedicated network of shipping carriers, our company can arrange rapid shipment anywhere in the world. Transmanna logistics experts will negotiate competitive rates with carriers for you and provide guidance on all your sea freight inquiries, offering ocean freight forwarding solutions that always meet your budget.

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