International supply chain management involves optimizing your operations to maximize both speed and efficiency. Our licensed Customs Brokers and Customs Compliance Experts can work with you to ensure that all of your shipments are cleared in a minimum possible time while ensuring adherence to all the customs rules and regulations. We can take care of your both commercial and non-commercial imports for customs clearance. Our experts always stay current on all import regulations and work under the power of attorney of the importer and exporter to pay all the customs duties and taxes. Our goal is to make sure that your goods move seamlessly across the border and all of your goods are cleared in a minimum time and cost. We can obtain clearances at all commercial customs ports of entry in Canada.

Truck Shipment

You will be required to supply a copy of the commercial invoice so as to enable us to get accurate information on:

  • The nature of the product being imported
  • The value of the product
  • Information about the parties involved.  

We will also require you to coordinate with your trucking company to ensure that when your truck is close enough to the border, they either email or fax over to us the bill of lading with PARS info attached. This PARS info details:

  • The weight of the shipment
  • The port of crossing
  • The time of crossing
  • The PARS number

For Ocean Shipment

Like clearance of a truck shipment, in case of ocean shipment, we again need commercial invoice from you while rest of the information required for the clearance of an ocean shipment can be arranged from your forwarder who can provide us with:

  • A detailed packing list
  • Arrival notice
  • Manifest

As soon as we have received the above mentioned documents, and your cargo has been unloaded from the ship and placed in a warehouse removed from the ship, our customs broker can submit your documents to customs authorities for clearance.

For Air Shipment

Air transport is the fastest way to get your goods from one point to other point. Clearance of Air cargo is much the same as ocean cargo, only that it takes much less time.  In case of Air cargo,   cargo gets cleared within a short period of time of landing. You need to provide your commercial invoice and we also need your forwarder to send us the following:

  • Packing list
  • Airway bill
  • Any other document, if required.

As soon as we have received the above mentioned documents, and your cargo has been removed from the plane, we can go ahead and submit your documents to customs authorities for clearance.

What can we do for you ?

Backed by over 1,000 experts and our extensive technology, Transmanna’s  core customs clearance services include the following:

  • Preparing and filing your case with Canada Border Services Agency for the release of goods.
  • Customs release of goods, and preparation and filing with Calculation of duties and taxes owed and helping in making payments to Canadian government
  • Submitting your cases for the recovery of taxes and duties
  • Liaising with different government departments on your behalf for completing different formalities and requirements.
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