Transmanna International provides eight different types of international trade compliance services and nine different types of international trade consultancy services to help you not only tackle complex trade issues and mitigate risk and liability from non-compliance but also help you save taxes and duties. Our International Foreign Trades Agreements (FTAs) services ensure that goods are given preferential treatment in partner countries by way of tariff elimination or reduction.

Transmanna International can work as your export department or as your “Exports Sales Agent” so that you are relieved from export-related work and could focus on your core. Our Freight forwarding service experts can provide you with guidance on all your sea, air and ground freight inquiries and offering expert freight forwarding solutions that always meet your budget. Our licensed Customs Brokers and Customs Compliance Experts can work with you to ensure that all of your shipments are cleared in a minimum possible time while ensuring adherence to all the customs rules and regulations.

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Canada not being shut out of NAFTA talks by U.S., Mexico: Freeland

Canada is not being sidelined in the NAFTA negotiations, and will...
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