Partnership with Manufacturers

If you are a Canadian or Non-Canadian business or manufacturer in any part of the world, Transmanna International can enter into partnership with you for both importing better quality inputs from all over the world for you to produce high quality products with relatively low cost as well as exporting your  products to foreign markets by working your “Export Sales Agent”, thus saving your precious time and resources for competing in the local market besides relieving your dependence on local markets.

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Partnership as a Freight Forwarders, Shippers and Transporters


Transmanna International would like to have strategic partnership with Freight Forwarders, Shippers and Transporters who can assist in moving cargo from one location to other location within or outside of the country using multiple modes of transport; negotiating contract rates with carriers, processing all relevant shipping documents, and arranging storage, insurance and customs clearance and inland haulage besides providing expert advice and consultancy services to the company in a given situation.






Partnership as International Trade Agents

Transmanna International is in the process of registering International Trade Agents and Distributors in different countries of the world in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. These Agents will be helping the company in establishing the marketing presence in foreign markets, soliciting orders from foreign customers, and assisting company in all steps of import and export transaction including negotiation, documentation, insurance, quality assurance, shipment, customs clearance, transportation and payment etc.

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Opportunities to work as a Freelance Trade Specialist

Transmanna International is also looking for a partnership with a freelance trade specialist who likes to work with us independently either form his home or from any office on different international trade projects. He is supposed to have: a deep understanding of global trade trends in key world markets; insight into complex international trade regulations and customs  procedures; ability to research and analyze variety of world trade information to the benefit of the company; and knowledge of tools and  techniques for taking advantage of international trade opportunities all over the world.





Partnership as an International Sales and Marketing Executive

If you know how to market and sell Canadian or non-Canadian products into or outside of Canada then we can work with you. If you are familiar with sales channels, sales strategies, client demographics, product features, pricing strategies and sales management in any of the world markets, then we would like to work with you as a partner.

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