Transmanna International Inc. is an international trade consultancy and brokerage company that unlocks global trade opportunities for small and medium-size Canadian and non-Canadian businesses by working as a bridge between them and assists them to negotiate and sign mutually beneficial trade agreements. Transmanna International Inc.’s special focus is on leather products especially leather gloves, surgical instruments, and sports goods. Transmanna International not only facilitates companies to expand their markets by exporting their products to international markets but also assists them in importing valuable inputs at low prices to manufacture high-quality products. Transmanna mostly works with small and medium-sized companies from developing, emerging and developed markets located in Asia, Pacific, Europe, and North American, etc. Transmanna also offers an efficient freight forwarding service and its logistics experts provide very competitive sea, air, and ground freight forwarding solutions that always meet your budget and international quality standards. Transmanna’s licensed Customs Brokers and Customs Compliance Experts can work with you to ensure that all of your shipments are cleared in a minimum possible time while ensuring adherence to all the customs rules and regulations. 










We provide trade consultancy and compliance services.

We work as international trade agents and brokers.

We provide third party freight forwarding service.

We provide customs clearance service.

We help you expand   your business to foreign   markets

We help you enter into the Canadian market.

How We DO ?





We provide product   classification and   valuation service

We provide trade   document preparation   and record-keeping   service

We help recover duty drawback/duty relief,  GST/HST.

We provide audit  assistance, appeals,  penalty reduction and  Canada goods abroad  service

We work as “Export-import Agent”, “Broker” or “Export /Import Department” of your company


What We Promise?




Great Customer   Experience

Transparency and         integrity

Fair Pricing and cost     reduction

Reduced dependency on local markets

Productivity and growth

New Technology and       efficiency

New opportunities and   more options

Quality of Service

Reliable and dependable service




We are your partners in your success

If you are a Canadian or Non-Canadian business or manufacturer in any part of the world, Transmanna International can enter into a partnership with you for both importing better quality inputs from all over the world for you to produce high-quality products with relatively low cost as well as exporting your products to foreign markets by working as your “Export/Import  Sales consultant, Trade Broker”.Thus saving your precious time and resources for competing in the local market besides relieving your dependence on local markets. Transmanna International Inc. can also work with you as your partner if you are a small or an intermediate business interested in going global by providing goods and services to world markets while ensuring quality, productivity, integrity, efficiency, and compliance of international trade rules and regulations, etc. 

Latest News

Canada, U.S. agree to NAFTA replacement that includes Mexico

U.S. President Donald Trump is set to sign a successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement that will make modest revisions to a deal he once called a “disaster,” easing uncertainty for companies reliant on tariff-free commerce.


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